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Рэгіянальнае супрацоўніцтва ў мэтах развіцця культурнай спадчыны
Call for Contributions. Heritage Conservation. Regional Network Journal

Heritage professionals from the countries of Eastern Partnership region – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – are invited to submit contributions for the issue 4 of the e-magazine. Contributions are encouraged to cover following topics: national policies for heritage preservation, public initiatives in the heritage sector, conservation standards, heritage management issues, integrated approach to the heritage, pilot projects and case studies, etc. Contributions should highlight processes in heritage sector in the author’s country and be of a more analytical nature. Contributions can be submitted in form of articles, reviews and views.


Contributions – identical texts in native language of the author and English – in Microsoft Word format, should not exceed 1, 940 words (4 pages) in length (length of the article is indicated for English text, since texts in native languages might have varied correlation with English); font size – 12, line spacing – 1,15. For Armenian and Georgian, please, use Arial or Sylfaen Unicode fonts, for Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Rumanian and Ukrainian – Arial or Times New Roman Unicode fonts. Please, keep macros to a minimum.


Illustrations for the contributions are welcome; however, each contribution should have maximum 4 illustrations, provided in JPG format (minimum 600 x 600 pixels). All illustrations should be accompanied by a caption, which should include an acknowledgement to the holder of the copyright; it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that proper permissions are obtained.


Technical support for the selected contributions envisages maximum EUR 100.00 (including translation costs).


E-magazine is managed by the regional editorial board, responsible for the selection of the submitted contributions. Each issue of the e-magazine will comprise maximum 2 contributions from the each country of the EP region.


Heritage professionals from Armenia are invited to submit contributions to Dr. Nune Chingaryan at: 

Heritage professional from Ukraine are invited to submit contributions to Dr. Olena Oliynyk at:

Heritage professional from other countries – Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova – are invited to submit contributions to Dr. Marine Kenia at:


Interested experts are asked to submit title and general idea (maximum, 3-4 sentences) of the contribution by 25.03.2014.

Deadline for the submission of contributions is 25 April 2014.


For further details and questions, please, contact:

Dr. Chingaryan – 

Dr. Oliynyk –

Dr. Kenia –


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