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E- Journal №5
Dear Colleagues,

ICOMOS Georgia and its partners – ICOMOS Armenia, Ltd. Architectura I Prestizh (Ukraine) and Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage – are pleased to announce that, although it took us quite long, but, finally, issue 5 of the regional e-magazine Heritage Conservation. Regional Network Journal, established within the EU funded project Regional Co-operation for Cultural Heritage Development, is now available online.

Issue 5 of our e-magazine comprises the articles touching upon a wide spectrum of the cultural heritage conservation issues, showing that there are acute problems requiring further discussion and analysis. Problems of the heritage sites listing and grading are discussed by Prof. Dimitri Tumanishvili (Georgia). Dr. Olena Oliynyk (Ukraine) analyses formation and development of the Maidan in the context of the evolution of the post-Soviet architecture in Kiev, while the major focus of Dr. Zaruhi Mamayan’s (Armenia) article is the overview of the development of Yerevan through referring to the city Master Plans of different periods. Creative activity of R. Israelyan, one of the famous 20th century architects is the subject of the article by Dr. Nune Chilingaryan (Armenia). Rich archaeological heritage of Georgia and threats it is facing are presented on the example of Trialeti petroglyphs by Dr. Manana Gabunia and Dr. Mariam Gabashvili. Significance of the risk preparedness is highlighted in the article by Valeria Suruceanu (Moldova). We publish emergency report by ICOMOS Georgia on recent developments in heritage sector in Georgia, showing extreme concern with the present reality, which made the agency apply to the relevant international organisations to pay attention to the problem.
We would like to thank the authors for their contribution and co-operation.

Dr. Marine Kenia
Heritage Policy
Site Listing and Grading
Basic requirement of the heritage preservation is compilation of the list of properties to be protected. In fact, without complete list of historic buildings – presently architectural monuments will be touched upon – neither our historical and art historical knowledge would be comprehensive, nor would it be possible to state definitely what legacy we have.
(See in Georgian)
Statement of the Georgian National Committee of ICOMOS on Recent Developments in Heritage Sector in Georgia
ICOMOS Georgia appeals to the wide public, Georgian authorities and international organisations to observe and respond to the recent developments in heritage sector in Georgia, endangering ancient cultural and unique natural heritage of Georgia and their diversity, which has greatly contributed to the creation of universal human values of the mankind.
(See in Georgian)
Urban Heritage
The Maidan and Post-Soviet Evolution of Kyiv’s Architecture
When I was doing postgraduate training in the United States in 1996, I had the honor to speak about Ukrainian architecture before a small professional audience in Harvard. Then I had to start my presentation as follows: “Ukraine is a European country with a population of more than 50 million. Its capital is Kyiv.”
(See in Russian)
Basic Developments in Planning of Yerevan in Master Plans
The present article is aimed to identify the key issues and criteria which served as a basis for the formation and organization of Yerevan urban environment in programme documentation, in particular in its master plans.
(See in Armenian)
20th c. Architectural Heritage
Two masterpieces of Raphael Israelyan: keeping identity from the socialist realism to the soviet modernism
During more than 70 years of development of Soviet architecture the stylistic trends were altered, as well as the external and internal ideological and aesthetic factors influencing its shaping.
(See in Armenian)
Heritage at Risk
Trialeti Petroglyphs – Under Destruction
In early twentieth century when the whole series of the Paleolithic cave paintings and engraved drawings (petroglyphs) were discovered over the five continents, the scientific community faced fundamental problems of interdisciplinary character. It primarily concerned the questions of origin and development of art, artistic perception and creative processes.
(See in Georgian)
Risk Preparedness
Heritage and responsibility
During 31 March-6 April 2014 at the National Art Museum of Moldova training course Capacity Building of Cultural Heritage Protection in Emergency Situations designed for museum personnel and specialists working in the field of cultural heritage was held.
(See in Russian)
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