Regional Co-operation for Cultural Heritage Development
რეგიონალური თანამშრომლობა კულტურული მემკვიდრეობის განვითარებისათვის
Տարածաշրջանային համագործակցություն հանուն մշակութային ժառանգության զարգացման
Національна політика щодо культурної спадщини
Mədəni irsin inkişaf Etdimilməsi üçün regional əməkdaşlıq
Рэгіянальнае супрацоўніцтва ў мэтах развіцця культурнай спадчыны


Capacity Building

Capacity building workshops

It is planned to hold series of workshops in Tbilisi for target groups (representatives of heritage agencies, environmental and tourism agencies, city or district authorities, as well as real estate developers, heritage owners, entrepreneurs, media representatives, local communities) from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine. Programmes with specific topics will be prepared by regional and European experts. Topics of the workshops will cover: economics of conservation, conservation and cultural tourism, integrated conservation and management of cultural landscapes, development and heritage, best practices in heritage preservation.

It is planned to organise at least 10 workshops during the project with 12 stakeholders (3 participants from each country), 1 international and 2 local facilitators participating in each workshop. Capacity building workshops for heritage sector stakeholders will strengthen their capacity and will contribute to the promotion of the heritage potential for the sustainable economic and social development and will mitigate the lasting prejudice – conservation versus development.

This activity will help to accumulate adequate knowledge and experience among experts involved and to develop tested thematic workshop programmes. Accordingly, available intellectual resources, gained experience and theoretical base will form firm foundation for the establishment of the centre of expertise of the regional dimension.


8th International Capacity Building Workshop – “Co-operation of ICOMOS National Committees of East and Central European Countries on Management of World Heritage Properties”
Tbilisi, 23-24 January 2014
Regional Co-operation for Cultural Heritage Development
8th International Capacity Building Workshop – “Co-operation of ICOMOS National Committees of East and Central European Countries on Management of World Heritage Properties”

The workshop is organised within the project – Regional Co-operation for Cultural Heritage Development project implemented within the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme by ICOMOS Georgia and its partners: ICOMOS Armenia, “Arkhitektura I Prestize” (Ukraine). The workshop is part of series of workshops aiming at strengthening of capacity of Heritage stakeholders within EaP region through exchange of information and transfer of competencies on regional and international levels. It is planned as a follow up of the Seminar with Representatives of National Committees from East and Central Europe organaised by ICOMOS Poland in Warsaw on 5.12.2013. The aim of the workshop is to promote implementation of the World Heritage Convention in the region through strengthening cooperation and ensuring exchange of the experience, best practice between Central and Eastern European Countries.


On 5 December, 2013 in Warsaw representatives of ICOMOS National Committees of Armenia, Belarusia, Estonia, Georgia and Latvia have discuss initiative of ICOMOS Poland on needs and possibilities for Co-operation of ICOMOS National Committees of East and Central European Countries. The participants have discussed: the aim of the cooperation and expected cooperation form; potential areas of cooperation among countries located within one region; prospective implementation of mutual projects and EU funding opportunities; Regional characteristics of the common problems to be tackled. As a result outline of the cooperation has been defined and eventual need to continue affort and meeting on these direction was confirmed.

The workshop

The workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Boguslaw Szmygin, President of ICOMOS Poland. The Representatives of National Committees of Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine will meet to identify specific activities and action plan. The Topics for discussion are:
• Training courses to be organised on Management of WH Sites and preparation of Nomination Dossier for WHL;
• Preparation of Transnational Nominations on common Properties;
• EU and other funding opportunities to ensure the cooperation;
• Planning and Implementation of Study Tours within Eastern Partnership Programme, etc.
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